ASF Tags

The ASF format is used by Windows WMA and WMV files, and DIVX videos. Tag ID's aren't listed because they are huge 128-bit GUID's that would ruin the formatting of this table.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
SimpleIndex N  
TimecodeIndex N  
Header - --> ASF Header Tags
Data N  
XMP - --> XMP Tags
Index N  
MediaIndex N  

ASF Header Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Padding N  
ScriptCommand N  
ContentBranding - --> ASF ContentBranding Tags
ContentEncryption N  
DigitalSignature N  
ExtendedContentEncryption N  
HeaderExtension - --> ASF HeaderExtension Tags
ContentDescription - --> ASF ContentDescr Tags
ErrorCorrection N  
StreamBitrateProps N  
CodecList - --> ASF CodecList Tags
FileProperties - --> ASF FileProperties Tags
StreamProperties - --> ASF StreamProperties Tags
ExtendedContentDescr - --> ASF ExtendedDescr Tags
BitrateMutualExclusion N  
Marker N  

ASF ContentBranding Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
BannerImageType N 0 = None
1 = Bitmap
2 = JPEG
3 = GIF
BannerImage N  
BannerImageURL N  
CopyrightURL N  

ASF HeaderExtension Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ExtendedStreamProps N  
AdvancedContentEncryption N  
MetadataLibrary - --> ASF ExtendedDescr Tags
TimecodeIndexParms N  
Compatibility N  
LanguageList N  
AdvancedMutualExcl N  
BandwidthSharing N  
Reserved1 N  
Metadata - --> ASF ExtendedDescr Tags
GroupMutualExclusion N  
StreamPrioritization N  
IndexParameters N  

ASF ExtendedDescr Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ASFLeakyBucketPairs N  
ASFPacketCount N  
ASFSecurityObjectsSize N  
AlbumArtist N  
AlbumCoverURL N  
AlbumTitle N  
AspectRatioX N  
AspectRatioY N  
AudioFileURL N  
AudioSourceURL N  
Author N  
AuthorURL N  
AverageLevel N  
BannerImageData N  
BannerImageType N  
BannerImageURL N  
BeatsPerMinute N  
Bitrate N  
Broadcast N  
BufferAverage N  
Can_Skip_Backward N  
Can_Skip_Forward N  
Category N  
Codec N  
Composer N  
Conductor N  
ContainerFormat N  
ContentDistributor N  
ContentGroupDescription N  
Copyright N  
CopyrightURL N  
CurrentBitrate N  
DRM_ContentID N  
DRM_DRMHeader N  
DRM_DRMHeader_ContentDistributor N  
DRM_DRMHeader_ContentID N  
DRM_DRMHeader_IndividualizedVersion N  
DRM_DRMHeader_KeyID N  
DRM_DRMHeader_LicenseAcqURL N  
DRM_DRMHeader_SubscriptionContentID N  
DRM_IndividualizedVersion N  
DRM_LASignatureCert N  
DRM_LASignatureLicSrvCert N  
DRM_LASignaturePrivKey N  
DRM_LASignatureRootCert N  
DRM_LicenseAcqURL N  
DRM_V1LicenseAcqURL N  
Description N  
Director N  
Duration N  
EncodedBy N  
EncodingSettings N  
EncodingTime N  
FileSize N  
Genre N  
GenreID N  
HasArbitraryDataStream N  
HasAttachedImages N  
HasAudio N  
HasFileTransferStream N  
HasImage N  
HasScript N  
HasVideo N  
InitialKey N  
Is_Protected N  
Is_Trusted N  
Language N  
Lyrics N  
Lyrics_Synchronised N  
MediaClassPrimaryID N  
MediaClassSecondaryID N  
MediaCredits N  
MediaIsDelay N  
MediaIsFinale N  
MediaIsLive N  
MediaIsPremiere N  
MediaIsRepeat N  
MediaIsSAP N  
MediaIsStereo N  
MediaIsSubtitled N  
MediaIsTape N  
MediaNetworkAffiliation N  
MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime N  
MediaOriginalChannel N  
MediaStationCallSign N  
MediaStationName N  
ModifiedBy N  
Mood N  
NSC_Address N  
NSC_Description N  
NSC_Email N  
NSC_Name N  
NSC_Phone N  
NumberOfFrames N  
OptimalBitrate N  
OriginalAlbumTitle N  
OriginalArtist N  
OriginalFileName N  
OriginalLyricist N  
OriginalReleaseTime N  
OriginalReleaseYear N  
ParentalRating N  
ParentalRatingReason N  
PartOfSet N  
PeakBitrate N  
PeakValue N  
Period N  
Picture - --> ASF Picture Tags
PlaylistDelay N  
Producer N  
PromotionURL N  
ProtectionType N  
Provider N  
ProviderCopyright N  
ProviderRating N  
ProviderStyle N  
Publisher N  
RadioStationName N  
RadioStationOwner N  
Rating N  
Seekable N  
SharedUserRating N  
Signature_Name N  
StreamTypeInfo N  
Stridable N  
Subtitle N  
SubtitleDescription N  
SubscriptionContentID N  
Text N  
Title N  
ToolName N  
ToolVersion N  
Track N  
TrackNumber N  
UniqueFileIdentifier N  
UserWebURL N  
VBRPeak N  
VideoClosedCaptioning N  
VideoFrameRate N  
VideoHeight N  
VideoWidth N  
WMADRCAverageReference N  
WMADRCAverageTarget N  
WMADRCPeakReference N  
WMADRCPeakTarget N  
WMCollectionGroupID N  
WMCollectionID N  
WMContentID N  
Writer N  
Year N  

ASF Picture Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
PictureType N
0 = Other
1 = 32x32 PNG Icon
2 = Other Icon
3 = Front Cover
4 = Back Cover
5 = Leaflet
6 = Media
7 = Lead Artist
8 = Artist
9 = Conductor
10 = Band
11 = Composer
12 = Lyricist
13 = Recording Studio or Location
14 = Recording Session
15 = Performance
16 = Capture from Movie or Video
17 = Bright(ly) Colored Fish
18 = Illustration
19 = Band Logo
20 = Publisher Logo
PictureMIMEType N  
PictureDescription N  
Picture N  

ASF ContentDescr Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Title N  
Author N  
Copyright N  
Description N  
Rating N  

ASF CodecList Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AudioCodecDescription N  
AudioCodecName N  
OtherCodecDescription N  
OtherCodecName N  
VideoCodecDescription N  
VideoCodecName N  

ASF FileProperties Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 FileID N  
16 FileLength N  
24 CreationDate N  
32 DataPackets N  
40 PlayDuration N  
48 SendDuration N  
56 Preroll N  
64 Flags N  
68 MinPacketSize N  
72 MaxPacketSize N  
76 MaxBitrate N  

ASF StreamProperties Tags

Tags with index 54 and greater are conditional based on the StreamType.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 StreamType N '35907DE0-E415-11CF-A917-00805F5C442B' = Degradable JPEG
'3AFB65E2-47EF-40F2-AC2C-70A90D71D343' = Binary
'59DACFC0-59E6-11D0-A3AC-00A0C90348F6' = Command
'91BD222C-F21C-497A-8B6D-5AA86BFC0185' = File Transfer
'B61BE100-5B4E-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = JFIF
'BC19EFC0-5B4D-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = Video
'F8699E40-5B4D-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = Audio
16 ErrorCorrectionType N '20FB5700-5B55-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = No Error Correction
'BFC3CD50-618F-11CF-8BB2-00AA00B4E220' = Audio Spread
32 TimeOffset N  
48 StreamNumber N  
54 AudioCodecID
--> RIFF AudioEncoding Values
56 AudioChannels N  
58 AudioSampleRate

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