Flash Tags

The information below is extracted from SWF (Shockwave Flash) files. Tags with string ID's represent information extracted from the file header.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Compressed' Compressed N 0 = False
1 = True
'Duration' Duration N (calculated from FrameRate and FrameCount)
'FlashVersion' FlashVersion N  
'FrameCount' FrameCount N  
'FrameRate' FrameRate N  
'ImageHeight' ImageHeight N  
'ImageWidth' ImageWidth N  
0x0045 FlashAttributes N Bit 0 = UseNetwork
Bit 3 = ActionScript3
Bit 4 = HasMetadata
0x004d XMP - --> XMP Tags

Flash FLV Tags

Information is extracted from the following packets in FLV (Flash Video) files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0008 Audio - --> Flash Audio Tags
0x0009 Video - --> Flash Video Tags
0x0012 Meta - --> Flash Meta Tags

Flash Audio Tags

Information extracted from the Flash Audio header.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Bit0-3' AudioEncoding N
0 = PCM-BE (uncompressed)
2 = MP3
3 = PCM-LE (uncompressed)
4 = Nellymoser 16kHz Mono
5 = Nellymoser 8kHz Mono
6 = Nellymoser
7 = G.711 A-law logarithmic PCM
8 = G.711 mu-law logarithmic PCM
10 = AAC
11 = Speex
13 = MP3 8-Khz
15 = Device-specific sound
'Bit4-5' AudioSampleRate N  
'Bit6' AudioBitsPerSample N  
'Bit7' AudioChannels N 1 = 1 (mono)
2 = 2 (stereo)

Flash Video Tags

Information extracted from the Flash Video header.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Bit4-7' VideoEncoding N
1 = JPEG
2 = Sorensen H.263
3 = Screen Video
4 = On2 VP6
   5 = On2 VP6 Alpha
6 = Screen Video 2
7 = H.264

Flash Meta Tags

Below are a few observed FLV Meta tags, but ExifTool will attempt to extract information from any tag found.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'audiocodecid' AudioCodecID N  
'audiodatarate' AudioBitrate N  
'audiodelay' AudioDelay N  
'audiosamplerate' AudioSampleRate N  
'audiosamplesize' AudioSampleSize N  
'audiosize' AudioSize N  
'bytelength' ByteLength N  
'canSeekToEnd' CanSeekToEnd N  
'canseekontime' CanSeekOnTime N  
'createdby' CreatedBy N  
'creationdate' CreateDate N  
'cuePoints' CuePoint - --> Flash CuePoint Tags
'datasize' DataSize N  
'duration' Duration N  
'filesize' FileSizeBytes N  
'framerate' FrameRate N  
'hasAudio' HasAudio N  
'hasCuePoints' HasCuePoints N  
'hasKeyframes' HasKeyFrames N  
'hasMetadata' HasMetadata N  
'hasVideo' HasVideo N  
'height' ImageHeight N  
'httphostheader' HTTPHostHeader N  
'keyframesFilepositions' KeyFramePositions N  
'keyframesTimes' KeyFramesTimes N  
'lastkeyframetimestamp' LastKeyFrameTime N  
'lasttimestamp' LastTimeStamp N  
'liveXML' XMP - --> XMP Tags
'metadatacreator' MetadataCreator N  
'metadatadate' MetadataDate N  
'pmsg' Message N  
'purl' URL N  
'sourcedata' SourceData N  
'starttime' StartTime N  
'stereo' Stereo N  
'totaldatarate' TotalDataRate N  
'totalduration' TotalDuration N  
'videocodecid' VideoCodecID N  
'videodatarate' VideoBitrate N  
'videosize' VideoSize N  
'width' ImageWidth N  

Flash CuePoint Tags

These tag names are added to the CuePoint name to generate complete tag names like "CuePoint0Name".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'name' Name N  
'parameters' Parameter - --> Flash Parameter Tags
'time' Time N  
'type' Type N  

Flash Parameter Tags

There are no pre-defined parameter tags, but ExifTool will extract any existing parameters, with tag names like "CuePoint0ParameterXxx".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

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Last revised Jul 9, 2015

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