Font Tags

This table contains a collection of tags found in font files of various formats. ExifTool current recognizes OTF, TTF, TTC, DFONT, PFA, PFB, PFM, AFM, ACFM and AMFM font files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AFM' AFM - --> Font AFM Tags
'PFM' PFMHeader - --> Font PFM Tags
'PSInfo' PSFontInfo - --> Font PSInfo Tags
'fontname' FontName N  
'name' Name - --> Font Name Tags
'numfonts' NumFonts N  
'postfont' PostScriptFontName N  

Font AFM Tags

Tags extracted from Adobe Font Metrics files (AFM, ACFM and AMFM).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Ascender' Ascender N  
'CapHeight' CapHeight N  
'CharacterSet' CharacterSet N  
'Characters' Characters N  
'Creation Date' CreateDate N  
'Descender' Descender N  
'EncodingScheme' EncodingScheme N  
'EscChar' EscChar N  
'FamilyName' FontFamily N  
'FontName' FontName N  
'FullName' FullName N  
'IsBaseFont' IsBaseFont N  
'IsFixedV' IsFixedV N  
'MappingScheme' MappingScheme N  
'Notice' Notice N  
'Version' Version N  
'Weight' Weight N  
'XHeight' XHeight N  

Font PFM Tags

Tags extracted from the PFM file header.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PFMVersion N  
6 Copyright N  
66 FontType N  
68 PointSize N  
70 YResolution N  
72 XResolution N  
74 Ascent N  
76 InternalLeading N  
78 ExternalLeading N  
80 Italic N  
81 Underline N  
82 Strikeout N  
83 Weight N  
85 CharacterSet N  
86 PixWidth N  
88 PixHeight N  
90 PitchAndFamily N  
91 AvgWidth N  
93 MaxWidth N  
95 FirstChar N  
96 LastChar N  
97 DefaultChar N  
98 BreakChar N  
99 WidthBytes N  

Font PSInfo Tags

Tags extracted from PostScript font files (PFA and PFB).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Copyright' Copyright N  
'FSType' FSType N  
'FamilyName' FontFamily N  
'FontName' FontName N  
'FontType' FontType N  
'FullName' FullName N  
'ItalicAngle' ItalicAngle N  
'Notice' Notice N  
'UnderlinePosition' UnderlinePosition N  
'UnderlineThickness' UnderlineThickness N  
'Weight' Weight N  
'isFixedPitch' IsFixedPitch N  
'version' Version N  

Font Name Tags

The following tags are extracted from the TrueType font "name" table found in OTF, TTF, TTC and DFONT files. These tags support localized languages by adding a hyphen followed by a language code to the end of the tag name (eg. "Copyright-fr" or "License-en-US"). Tags with no language code use the default language of "en".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 Copyright N  
0x0001 FontFamily N  
0x0002 FontSubfamily N  
0x0003 FontSubfamilyID N  
0x0004 FontName N  
0x0005 NameTableVersion N  
0x0006 PostScriptFontName N  
0x0007 Trademark N  
0x0008 Manufacturer N  
0x0009 Designer N  
0x000a Description N  
0x000b VendorURL N  
0x000c DesignerURL N  
0x000d License N  
0x000e LicenseInfoURL N  
0x0010 PreferredFamily N  
0x0011 PreferredSubfamily N  
0x0012 CompatibleFontName N  
0x0013 SampleText N  
0x0014 PostScriptFontName N  
0x0015 WWSFamilyName N  
0x0016 WWSSubfamilyName N  

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