Lytro Tags

Tag definitions for Lytro Light Field Picture (LFP) files. ExifTool extracts the full JSON metadata blocks, as well as breaking them down into individual tags. All available tags are extracted from the JSON metadata, even if they don't appear in the table below.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
FirmwareVersion N  
Make N  
Model N  
SerialNumber N  
AccelerometerTime N  
AccelerometerX N  
AccelerometerY N  
AccelerometerZ N  
DateTimeOriginal N  
FNumber N  
FocalLength N  
LensTemperature N  
FocalPlaneXResolution N (Y resolution is the same as X resolution)
SensorSerialNumber N  
FrameExposureTime N  
ExposureTime N  
SocTemperature N  
EmbeddedImage N (JPEG image embedded in LFP files written by Lytro Desktop)
ImageLimitExposureBias N  
ImageModulationExposureBias N  
Orientation N 1 = Horizontal (normal)
JSONMetadata N+ (the full JSON-format metadata blocks)
CameraType N  

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Last revised Jul 18, 2014

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