The MIFF (Magick Image File Format) format allows aribrary tag names to be used. Only the standard tag names are listed below, however ExifTool will decode any tags found in the image.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'background-color' BackgroundColor N  
'blue-primary' BluePrimary N  
'border-color' BorderColor N  
'class' Class N  
'colors' Colors N  
'colorspace' ColorSpace N  
'columns' ImageWidth N  
'compression' Compression N  
'delay' Delay N  
'depth' Depth N  
'dispose' Dispose N  
'gamma' Gamma N  
'green-primary' GreenPrimary N  
'id' ID N  
'iterations' Iterations N  
'label' Label N  
'matt-color' MattColor N  
'matte' Matte N  
'montage' Montage N  
'packets' Packets N  
'page' Page N  
'profile-APP1' APP1_Profile - --> EXIF Tags
--> XMP Tags
'profile-exif' EXIF_Profile - --> EXIF Tags
'profile-icc' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'profile-iptc' IPTC_Profile - --> Photoshop Tags
'profile-xmp' XMP_Profile - --> XMP Tags
'red-primary' RedPrimary N  
'rendering-intent' RenderingIntent N  
'resolution' Resolution N  
'rows' ImageHeight N  
'scene' Scene N  
'signature' Signature N  
'units' Units N  
'white-point' WhitePoint N  

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Last revised Aug 21, 2011

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