MPF Tags

These tags are part of the CIPA Multi-Picture Format specification, and are found in the APP2 "MPF" segment of JPEG images. MPImage data referenced from this segment is stored as a JPEG trailer. The MPF tags are not writable, however the MPF segment may be deleted as a group (with "MPF:All") but then the JPEG trailer should also be deleted (with "Trailer:All"). See for the official specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xb000 MPFVersion N  
0xb001 NumberOfImages N  
0xb002 MPImageList - --> MPF MPImage Tags
0xb003 ImageUIDList N  
0xb004 TotalFrames N  
0xb101 MPIndividualNum N  
0xb201 PanOrientation N (long integer is split into 4 bytes)
[Value 2]
0x0 = [unused]
0x1 = Start at top right
0x2 = Start at top left
0x3 = Start at bottom left
0x4 = Start at bottom right
[Value 3]
0x1 = Left to right
0x2 = Right to left
0x3 = Top to bottom
0x4 = Bottom to top
0x10 = Clockwise
0x20 = Counter clockwise
0x30 = Zigzag (row start)
0x40 = Zigzag (column start)
0xb202 PanOverlapH N  
0xb203 PanOverlapV N  
0xb204 BaseViewpointNum N  
0xb205 ConvergenceAngle N  
0xb206 BaselineLength N  
0xb207 VerticalDivergence N  
0xb208 AxisDistanceX N  
0xb209 AxisDistanceY N  
0xb20a AxisDistanceZ N  
0xb20b YawAngle N  
0xb20c PitchAngle N  
0xb20d RollAngle N  

MPF MPImage Tags

The first MPF "Large Thumbnail" image is extracted as PreviewImage, and the rest of the embedded MPF images are extracted as MPImage#. The ExtractEmbedded (-ee) option may be used to extract information from these embedded images.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0.1 MPImageFlags N [Mask 0xf8000000]
Bit 29 = Representative image
Bit 30 = Dependent child image
Bit 31 = Dependent parent image
0.2 MPImageFormat N [Mask 0x7000000]
0x0 = JPEG
0.3 MPImageType N [Mask 0xffffff]
0x0 = Undefined
0x10001 = Large Thumbnail (VGA equivalent)
0x10002 = Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
0x20001 = Multi-frame Panorama
0x20002 = Multi-frame Disparity
0x20003 = Multi-angle
0x30000 = Baseline MP Primary Image
4 MPImageLength N  
8 MPImageStart N  
12 DependentImage1EntryNumber N  
14 DependentImage2EntryNumber N  

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Last revised Jul 9, 2015

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