Microsoft XMP Tags

Microsoft Photo 1.0 schema XMP tags. This is likely not a complete list, but represents tags which have been observed in sample images. The actual namespace prefix is "MicrosoftPhoto", but ExifTool shortens this in the family 1 group name.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-microsoft family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CameraSerialNumber string  
CreatorAppID string  
CreatorOpenWithUIOptions string  
DateAcquired date  
FlashManufacturer string  
FlashModel string  
LastKeywordIPTC string+  
LastKeywordXMP string+  
LensManufacturer string  
LensModel string/  
RatingPercent string (called Rating by the spec. XMP-xmp:Rating values of 1,2,3,4 and 5 stars correspond to RatingPercent values of 1,25,50,75 and 99 respectively)

Microsoft MP1 Tags

Microsoft Photo 1.1 schema XMP tags which have been observed.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-MP1 family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Brightness string/  
CameraModelID string/  
Contrast string/  
ExposureCompensation string/  
PanoramicStitchCameraMotion string '3DRotation' = 3D Rotation
'Affine' = Affine
'Homography' = Homography
'RigidScale' = Rigid Scale
PanoramicStitchMapType string 'Horizontal-Cylindrical' = Horizontal Cylindrical
'Horizontal-Spherical' = Horizontal Spherical
'Perspective' = Perspective
'Vertical-Cylindrical' = Vertical Cylindrical
'Vertical-Spherical' = Vertical Spherical
PanoramicStitchPhi0 real  
PanoramicStitchPhi1 real  
PanoramicStitchTheta0 real  
PanoramicStitchTheta1 real  
PipelineVersion string  
StreamType string  
WhiteBalance0 real  
WhiteBalance1 real  
WhiteBalance2 real  

Microsoft MP Tags

Microsoft Photo 1.2 schema XMP tags which have been observed.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-MP family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
RegionInfoDateRegionsValid date_  
RegionInfoMP struct --> Microsoft RegionInfo Struct
(called RegionInfo by the spec)
RegionInfoRegions struct_+ --> Microsoft Regions Struct
RegionPersonDisplayName string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonDisplayName)
RegionPersonEmailDigest string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonEmailDigest)
RegionPersonLiveIdCID string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonLiveIdCID)
RegionPersonSourceID string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonSourceID)
RegionRectangle string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsRectangle)

Microsoft RegionInfo Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
DateRegionsValid date  
Regions Microsoft Regions+ --> Microsoft Regions Struct

Microsoft Regions Struct

Note that PersonLiveIdCID element is called PersonLiveCID according to the Microsoft specification, but in practice their software actually writes PersonLiveIdCID, so ExifTool uses this too.

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
PersonDisplayName string  
PersonEmailDigest string  
PersonLiveIdCID string  
PersonSourceID string  
Rectangle string  

Microsoft Stitch Tags

Information found in the Microsoft custom EXIF tag 0x4748, as written by Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PanoramicStitchVersion int32u  
1 PanoramicStitchCameraMotion int32u 2 = Rigid Scale
3 = Affine
4 = 3D Rotation
5 = Homography
2 PanoramicStitchMapType int32u 0 = Perspective
1 = Horizontal Cylindrical
2 = Horizontal Spherical
257 = Vertical Cylindrical
258 = Vertical Spherical
3 PanoramicStitchTheta0 float  
4 PanoramicStitchTheta1 float  
5 PanoramicStitchPhi0 float  
6 PanoramicStitchPhi1 float  

Microsoft Xtra Tags

Tags extracted from the Microsoft "Xtra" atom of QuickTime videos. Tag ID's are not shown because some are unruly GUID's.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Abstract N  
AccountName N  
AcquisitionTime N  
AcquisitionTimeDay N  
AcquisitionTimeMonth N  
AcquisitionTimeYear N  
AcquisitionTimeYearMonth N  
AcquisitionTimeYearMonthDay N  
AlbumArtist N  
AlbumArtist N  
AlbumArtistSortOrder N  
AlbumCoverURL N  
AlbumID N  
AlbumIDAlbumArtist N  
AlbumTitle N  
AlbumTitle N  
AlbumTitleSortOrder N  
AlternateSourceURL N  
Anniversary N  
Artist N  
AssistantsName N  
AssistantsPhone N  
Attachments N  
Attributes N  
AudioBitrate N  
AudioFormat N  
AudioSampleRate N  
AudioSampleSize N  
Author N  
Author N  
AuthorSortOrder N  
AutoSummary N  
AverageLevel N  
BccAddresses N  
BccNames N  
Beats-per-minute N  
BeatsPerMinute N  
BillingInformation N  
Birthday N  
BitDepth N  
Bitrate N  
Bitrate N  
BroadcastDate N  
BusinessAddress N  
BusinessCity N  
BusinessCountry-Region N  
BusinessFax N  
BusinessHomePage N  
BusinessPOBox N  
BusinessPhone N  
BusinessPostalCode N  
BusinessStateOrProvince N  
BusinessStreet N  
BuyNow N  
BuyTickets N  
CDTrackEnabled N  
CallLetters N  
CallbackNumber N  
CameraMaker N  
CameraManufacturer N  
CameraModel N  
CameraModel N  
CarPhone N  
Category N  
Category N  
CcAddresses N  
CcNames N  
CellPhone N  
ChannelNumber N  
Channels N  
Channels N  
ChapterNum N  
Children N  
City N  
ClientID N  
ClosedCaptioning N  
Color N  
Comment N  
Comments N  
Company N  
CompanyMainPhone N  
Complete N  
Composer N  
Composers N  
Computer N  
Conductor N  
Conductors N  
ContactNames N  
ContentDistributor N  
ContentDistributorDuration N  
ContentDistributorType N  
ContentGroupDescription N  
ContentType N  
Contributors N  
ConversationID N  
Copyright N  
Copyright N  
Count N  
Country-Region N  
Creator N  
CurrentBitrate N  
DRMIndividualizedVersion N  
DataRate N  
Date N  
DateAccessed N  
DateAcquired N  
DateArchived N  
DateCompleted N  
DateCreated N  
DateImported N  
DateLastSaved N  
DateModified N  
DatePictureTaken N  
DateReceived N  
DateReleased N  
DateSent N  
DateVisited N  
Department N  
Description N  
Description N  
Description N  
Dimensions N  
Director N  
Directors N  
DisplayArtist N  
Division N  
DocumentID N  
DueDate N  
Duration N  
Duration N  
Duration N  
E-mail2 N  
E-mail3 N  
E-mailAddress N  
E-mailDisplayName N  
E-mailList N  
EncodedBy N  
EncodingTime N  
EndDate N  
EntryType N  
EpisodeName N  
Event N  
Event N  
ExifVersion N  
ExposureBias N  
ExposureProgram N  
ExposureTime N  
F-stop N  
FileAs N  
FileCount N  
FileSize N  
FileType N  
FileVersion N  
FirstName N  
FlagColor N  
FlagStatus N  
FlashMode N  
FocalLength N  
FocalLength35mm N  
Folder N  
FolderName N  
FolderPath N  
FormatTag N  
FourCC N  
FrameHeight N  
FrameRate N  
FrameRate N  
FrameWidth N  
Free-busyStatus N  
Frequency N  
FromAddresses N  
FromNames N  
FullName N  
Gender N  
Genre N  
Genre N  
GenreID N  
GivenName N  
HasAttachments N  
HasFlag N  
Hobbies N  
HomeAddress N  
HomeCity N  
HomeCountry-Region N  
HomeFax N  
HomePOBox N  
HomePhone N  
HomePostalCode N  
HomeStateOrProvince N  
HomeStreet N  
HorizontalResolution N  
IMAddresses N  
ISOSpeed N  
Importance N  
Incomplete N  
InitialKey N  
InitialKey N  
Initials N  
IsAttachment N  
IsCompleted N  
IsDeleted N  
IsNetworkFeed N  
IsOnline N  
IsProtected N  
IsRecurring N  
JobTitle N  
Keywords N  
Kinds N  
Label N  
Language N  
Language N  
LastName N  
LastPrinted N  
LeadPerformer N  
LegalTrademarks N  
LensMaker N  
LensModel N  
LibraryID N  
LibraryName N  
LightSource N  
LinkStatus N  
LinkTarget N  
Location N  
Location N  
Lyrics N  
MailingAddress N  
MaxAperture N  
MediaClassPrimaryID N '01CD0F29-DA4E-4157-897B-6275D50C4F11' = Audio (not music)
'D1607DBC-E323-4BE2-86A1-48A42A28441E' = Music
'DB9830BD-3AB3-4FAB-8A37-1A995F7FF74B' = Video
'FCF24A76-9A57-4036-990D-E35DD8B244E1' = Other (not audio or video)
MediaClassSecondaryID N '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' = Unknown Content
'00033368-5009-4AC3-A820-5D2D09A4E7C1' = Sound Clip from Game
'0B710218-8C0C-475E-AF73-4C41C0C8F8CE' = Home Video from Pictures
'1B824A67-3F80-4E3E-9CDE-F7361B0F5F1B' = Talk Show
'1FE2E091-4E1E-40CE-B22D-348C732E0B10' = Video News
'3A172A13-2BD9-4831-835B-114F6A95943F' = Spoken Word
'44051B5B-B103-4B5C-92AB-93060A9463F0' = Corporate Video
'6677DB9B-E5A0-4063-A1AD-ACEB52840CF1' = Audio News
'A9B87FC9-BD47-4BF0-AC4F-655B89F7D868' = Feature Film
'B76628F4-300D-443D-9CB5-01C285109DAF' = Home Movie
'BA7F258A-62F7-47A9-B21F-4651C42A000E' = TV Show
'D6DE1D88-C77C-4593-BFBC-9C61E8C373E3' = Web-based Video
'E0236BEB-C281-4EDE-A36D-7AF76A3D45B5' = Audio Book
'E3E689E2-BA8C-4330-96DF-A0EEEFFA6876' = Music Video
'F24FF731-96FC-4D0F-A2F5-5A3483682B1A' = Song from Game
MediaContentTypes N  
MediaCreated N  
MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime N  
MediaOriginalChannel N  
MediaStationName N  
MediaType N  
MeteringMode N  
MiddleName N  
Mileage N  
ModifiedBy N  
Mood N  
Mood N  
MoreInfo N  
Name N  
Nickname N  
OfficeLocation N  
OfflineAvailability N  
OfflineStatus N  
OptionalAttendeeAddresses N  
OptionalAttendees N  
OrganizerAddress N  
OrganizerName N  
Orientation N  
OriginalAlbumTitle N  
OriginalArtist N  
OriginalLyricist N  
OtherAddress N  
OtherCity N  
OtherCountry-Region N  
OtherPOBox N  
OtherPostalCode N  
OtherStateOrProvince N  
OtherStreet N  
Owner N  
POBox N  
Pager N  
Pages N  
ParentalRating N  
ParentalRating N  
ParentalRatingReason N  
PartOfSet N  
PartOfSet N  
PartOfSet N  
Participants N  
Path N  
PeakValue N  
PerceivedType N  
Period N  
Period N  
PersonalTitle N  
PixelAspectRatioX N  
PixelAspectRatioY N  
PlaylistIndex N  
PostalCode N  
PrimaryE-mail N  
PrimaryPhone N  
Priority N  
Producer N  
Producers N  
ProductName N  
ProductVersion N  
Profession N  
ProgramDescription N  
ProgramMode N  
ProgramName N  
Project N  
Protected N  
ProtectionType N  
Provider N  
Provider N  
ProviderLogoURL N  
ProviderRating N  
ProviderStyle N  
ProviderURL N  
Publisher N  
Publisher N  
RadioBand N  
RadioFormat N  
Rating N  
RatingOrg N  
ReadStatus N  
RecordingTime N  
RecordingTime N  
RecordingTimeDay N  
RecordingTimeMonth N  
RecordingTimeYear N  
RecordingTimeYearMonth N  
RecordingTimeYearMonthDay N  
ReleaseDate N  
ReleaseDateDay N  
ReleaseDateMonth N  
ReleaseDateYear N  
ReleaseDateYearMonth N  
ReleaseDateYearMonthDay N  
ReminderTime N  
RequestState N  
RequiredAttendeeAddresses N  
RequiredAttendees N  
Rerun N  
Resources N  
Saturation N  
SearchRanking N  
SenderAddress N  
SenderName N  
Sensitivity N  
ShadowFilePath N  
Shared N  
SharedUserRating N  
SharedWith N  
Size N  
Slides N  
Source N  
SourceURL N  
SpaceFree N  
SpaceUsed N  
Spouse N  
StartDate N  
StateOrProvince N  
StationCallSign N  
StationName N  
Status N  
Status N  
Store N  
Street N  
Subject N  
Subject N  
SubjectDistance N  
SubscriptionContentID N  
Subtitle N  
Subtitle N  
SubtitleDescription N  
Suffix N  
Summary N  
Sync01 N  
Sync02 N  
Sync03 N  
Sync04 N  
Sync05 N  
Sync06 N  
Sync07 N  
Sync08 N  
Sync09 N  
Sync10 N  
Sync11 N  
Sync12 N  
Sync13 N  
Sync14 N  
Sync15 N  
Sync16 N  
SyncOnly N  
SyncState N  
TTY-TTDPhone N  
TaskOwner N  
Telex N  
Temporary N  
Title N  
Title N  
TitleNum N  
TitleSortOrder N  
ToAddresses N  
ToDoTitle N  
ToNames N  
TotalBitrate N  
TotalDuration N  
TotalEditingTime N  
TotalFileSize N  
TotalSize N  
TrackNumber N  
TrackNumber N  
TrackingID N  
Type N  
Type N  
UniqueFileIdentifier N  
Untitled0 N  
Untitled1 N  
Untitled2 N  
UserCustom1 N  
UserCustom2 N  
UserEffectiveRating N  
UserLastPlayedTime N  
UserPlayCount N  
UserPlaycountAfternoon N  
UserPlaycountEvening N  
UserPlaycountMorning N  
UserPlaycountNight N  
UserPlaycountWeekday N  
UserPlaycountWeekend N  
UserRating N  
UserServiceRating N  
UserWebURL N  
VerticalResolution N  
VideoBitrate N  
VideoCompression N  
VideoFormat N  
VideoFrameRate N  
VideoHeight N  
VideoWidth N  
WMCollectionGroupID N  
WMCollectionID N  
WMContentID N  
WMShadowFileSourceDRMType N  
WMShadowFileSourceFileType N  
Webpage N  
WhiteBalance N  
WindowsFileName N  
WordCount N  
Writer N  
Writers N  
Year N  
Year N  

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Last revised Sep 14, 2016

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