The Office Open XML (OOXML) format was introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and is used by file types such as DOCX, PPTX and XLSX. These are essentially ZIP archives containing XML files. The table below lists some tags which have been observed in OOXML documents, but ExifTool will extract any tags found from XML files of the OOXML document properties ("docProps") directory.


1) Structural ZIP tags may be ignored (if desired) with --ZIP:all on the command line.

2) Tags may be grouped by their document number in the ZIP archive with the -g3 or -G3 option.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AppVersion N  
Application N  
Category N  
Characters N  
CharactersWithSpaces N  
CheckedBy N  
Client N  
Company N  
CreateDate N  
DateCompleted N  
Department N  
Destination N  
Disposition N  
Division N  
DocSecurity N 0 = None
1 = Password protected
2 = Read-only recommended
4 = Read-only enforced
8 = Locked for annotations
DocumentNumber N  
Editor N  
ForwardTo N  
Group N  
HeadingPairs N  
HiddenSlides N  
HyperlinkBase N  
HyperlinksChanged N 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
Keywords N  
Language N  
LastModifiedBy N  
LastPrinted N  
Lines N  
LinksUpToDate N 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
MMClips N  
Mailstop N  
Manager N  
Matter N  
ModifyDate N  
Notes N  
Office N  
Owner N  
Pages N  
Paragraphs N  
PresentationFormat N  
Project N  
Publisher N  
Purpose N  
ReceivedFrom N  
RecordedBy N  
RecordedDate N  
Reference N  
RevisionNumber N  
ScaleCrop N 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
SharedDoc N 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
Slides N  
Source N  
Status N  
TelephoneNumber N  
Template N  
TitlesOfParts N  
TotalEditTime N  
Typist N  
Words N  

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Last revised Jun 29, 2010

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