PhaseOne Tags

These tags are extracted from the maker notes of Phase One images.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0100 CameraOrientation N 0 = Horizontal (normal)
1 = Rotate 90 CW
2 = Rotate 270 CW
3 = Rotate 180
0x0102 SerialNumber N  
0x0105 ISO N  
0x0106 ColorMatrix1 N  
0x0107 WB_RGBLevels N  
0x0108 SensorWidth N  
0x0109 SensorHeight N  
0x010a SensorLeftMargin N  
0x010b SensorTopMargin N  
0x010c ImageWidth N  
0x010d ImageHeight N  
0x010e RawFormat N 1 = RAW 1
2 = RAW 2
3 = IIQ L
5 = IIQ S
6 = IIQ Sv2
0x010f RawData N  
0x0110 SensorCalibration - --> PhaseOne SensorCalibration Tags
0x0112 DateTimeOriginal N (also used as a key to encrypt the raw data)
0x0113 ImageNumber N  
0x0203 Software N  
0x0204 System N  
0x0210 SensorTemperature N  
0x0211 SensorTemperature2 N  
0x0212 UnknownDate? N  
0x021c StripOffsets N  
0x021d BlackLevel N  
0x0222 SplitColumn N  
0x0223 BlackLevelData N  
0x0226 ColorMatrix2 N  
0x0301 FirmwareVersions N  
0x0400 ShutterSpeedValue N  
0x0401 ApertureValue N  
0x0402 ExposureCompensation N  
0x0403 FocalLength N  
0x0410 CameraModel N  
0x0412 LensModel N  
0x0414 MaxApertureValue N  
0x0415 MinApertureValue N  

PhaseOne SensorCalibration Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0400 SensorDefects N  
0x0401 AllColorFlatField1? N  
0x0407 SerialNumber N  
0x040b RedBlueFlatField? N  
0x0410 AllColorFlatField2? N  
0x0416 AllColorFlatField3? N  
0x0419 LinearizationCoefficients1 N  
0x041a LinearizationCoefficients2 N  

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Last revised Jan 29, 2015

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