Qualcomm Tags

The tags below have been observed in the JPEG APP7 "Qualcomm Camera Attributes" segment written by some cameras such as the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger. ExifTool will extract any information found from this segment, even if it is not listed in this table.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
HJREnable N  
HJRMaxNumFrames N  
HJR_NReductionFlat N  
HJR_NReductionTexture N  
HJROneToTwoOffset N  
HJRTextureThreshold N  
AECAggressiveness N  
AECCurrentExpIndex N  
AECCurrentSensorLuma N  
AECEnable N  
AECExposureIndexAdjStep N  
AECHighLumaRegionCount N  
AECHighLumaRegionThreshold N  
AECIndoorIdx N  
AECLumaTarget N  
AECLumaTolerance N  
AECMode N  
AECOdoorIdx N  
AECOutdoorBrightDiscarded N  
AECOutdoorBrightEnable N  
AECOutdoorBrightReduction N  
AECOutdoorBrightThresholdHI N  
AECOutdoorBrightThresholdLO N  
AECOutdoorGammaIndex N  
AECSnapshotDigitalGain N  
AECSnapshotExposureTimeMs N  
AECSnapshotLineCount N  
AECSnapshotSensorGain N  
AECVfeLuma N  
AFBoundary N  
AFCollectEndStat N  
AFEnable N  
AFFarEnd N  
AFFineSrchPoints N  
AFFineStep N  
AFFocusTime N  
AFGrossStep N  
AFMode N  
AFNearEnd N  
AFPosDefMacro N  
AFPosDefNorm N  
AFPosition N  
AFProcess N  
AFResetLensAfterSnap N  
AFStepsNearFar N  
AFStepsNearInfinity N  
AFTestMode N  
AFTracePositions00 N  
AFTracePositions10 N  
AFTracePositions11 N  
AFTracePositions12 N  
AFTracePositions13 N  
AFTracePositions14 N  
AFTracePositions15 N  
AFTracePositions16 N  
AFTracePositions17 N  
AFTracePositions18 N  
AFTracePositions19 N  
AFTracePositions01 N  
AFTracePositions20 N  
AFTracePositions21 N  
AFTracePositions22 N  
AFTracePositions23 N  
AFTracePositions24 N  
AFTracePositions25 N  
AFTracePositions26 N  
AFTracePositions27 N  
AFTracePositions28 N  
AFTracePositions29 N  
AFTracePositions02 N  
AFTracePositions30 N  
AFTracePositions31 N  
AFTracePositions32 N  
AFTracePositions33 N  
AFTracePositions34 N  
AFTracePositions35 N  
AFTracePositions36 N  
AFTracePositions37 N  
AFTracePositions38 N  
AFTracePositions39 N  
AFTracePositions03 N  
AFTracePositions40 N  
AFTracePositions41 N  
AFTracePositions42 N  
AFTracePositions43 N  
AFTracePositions44 N  
AFTracePositions45 N  
AFTracePositions46 N  
AFTracePositions47 N  
AFTracePositions48 N  
AFTracePositions49 N  
AFTracePositions04 N  
AFTracePositions05 N  
AFTracePositions06 N  
AFTracePositions07 N  
AFTracePositions08 N  
AFTracePositions09 N  
AFTraceStats00 N  
AFTraceStats10 N  
AFTraceStats11 N  
AFTraceStats12 N  
AFTraceStats13 N  
AFTraceStats14 N  
AFTraceStats15 N  
AFTraceStats16 N  
AFTraceStats17 N  
AFTraceStats18 N  
AFTraceStats19 N  
AFTraceStats01 N  
AFTraceStats20 N  
AFTraceStats21 N  
AFTraceStats22 N  
AFTraceStats23 N  
AFTraceStats24 N  
AFTraceStats25 N  
AFTraceStats26 N  
AFTraceStats27 N  
AFTraceStats28 N  
AFTraceStats29 N  
AFTraceStats02 N  
AFTraceStats30 N  
AFTraceStats31 N  
AFTraceStats32 N  
AFTraceStats33 N  
AFTraceStats34 N  
AFTraceStats35 N  
AFTraceStats36 N  
AFTraceStats37 N  
AFTraceStats38 N  
AFTraceStats39 N  
AFTraceStats03 N  
AFTraceStats40 N  
AFTraceStats41 N  
AFTraceStats42 N  
AFTraceStats43 N  
AFTraceStats44 N  
AFTraceStats45 N  
AFTraceStats46 N  
AFTraceStats47 N  
AFTraceStats48 N  
AFTraceStats49 N  
AFTraceStats04 N  
AFTraceStats05 N  
AFTraceStats06 N  
AFTraceStats07 N  
AFTraceStats08 N  
AFTraceStats09 N  
AFUndershootProtect N  
AFVfeHorzOffset N  
AFVfeHorzWidth N  
AFVfeMetricMax N  
AFVfeVertHeight N  
AFVfeVertOffset N  
AFREnable N  
AFRFaster0ExpMod N  
AFRFaster0Trigger N  
AFRFaster1ExpMod N  
AFRFaster1Trigger N  
AFRFaster2ExpMod N  
AFRFaster2Trigger N  
AFRFaster3ExpMod N  
AFRFaster3Trigger N  
AFRFaster4ExpMod N  
AFRFaster4Trigger N  
AFRPossibleFrameCnt N  
AFRSlower0ExpMod N  
AFRSlower0Trigger N  
AFRSlower1ExpMod N  
AFRSlower1Trigger N  
AFRSlower2ExpMod N  
AFRSlower2Trigger N  
AFRSlower3ExpMod N  
AFRSlower3Trigger N  
AFRSlower4ExpMod N  
AFRSlower4Trigger N  
AntiBadingPixelClk N  
AntiBadingPixelClkPerLine N  
AntibandingEnable N  
ASF3EdgeDetect N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA11 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA12 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA13 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA21 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA22 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA23 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA31 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA32 N  
ASF3EdgeFilterA33 N  
ASF3Enable N  
ASF3LowerThreshold N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA11 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA12 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA13 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA21 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA22 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA23 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA31 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA32 N  
ASF3NoiseFilterA33 N  
ASF3UpperThreshold N  
ASF5BrtLoThres N  
ASF5BrtShrpDegF1 N  
ASF5BrtShrpDegF2 N  
ASF5BrtSmthPercent N  
ASF5BrtUpThres N  
ASF5Enable N  
ASF5ExposureIndex1 N  
ASF5ExposureIndex2 N  
ASF5Filter1A11 N  
ASF5Filter1A12 N  
ASF5Filter1A13 N  
ASF5Filter1A14 N  
ASF5Filter1A15 N  
ASF5Filter1A21 N  
ASF5Filter1A22 N  
ASF5Filter1A23 N  
ASF5Filter1A24 N  
ASF5Filter1A25 N  
ASF5Filter1A31 N  
ASF5Filter1A32 N  
ASF5Filter1A33 N  
ASF5Filter1A34 N  
ASF5Filter1A35 N  
ASF5Filter1A41 N  
ASF5Filter1A42 N  
ASF5Filter1A43 N  
ASF5Filter1A44 N  
ASF5Filter1A45 N  
ASF5Filter1A51 N  
ASF5Filter1A52 N  
ASF5Filter1A53 N  
ASF5Filter1A54 N  
ASF5Filter1A55 N  
ASF5Filter2A11 N  
ASF5Filter2A12 N  
ASF5Filter2A13 N  
ASF5Filter2A14 N  
ASF5Filter2A15 N  
ASF5Filter2A21 N  
ASF5Filter2A22 N  
ASF5Filter2A23 N  
ASF5Filter2A24 N  
ASF5Filter2A25 N  
ASF5Filter2A31 N  
ASF5Filter2A32 N  
ASF5Filter2A33 N  
ASF5Filter2A34 N  
ASF5Filter2A35 N  
ASF5Filter2A41 N  
ASF5Filter2A42 N  
ASF5Filter2A43 N  
ASF5Filter2A44 N  
ASF5Filter2A45 N  
ASF5Filter2A51 N  
ASF5Filter2A52 N  
ASF5Filter2A53 N  
ASF5Filter2A54 N  
ASF5Filter2A55 N  
ASF5FilterMode N  
ASF5LowLoThres N  
ASF5LowShrpDegF1 N  
ASF5LowShrpDegF2 N  
ASF5LowSmthPrcnt N  
ASF5LowUpThres N  
ASF5LumaFilter00 N  
ASF5LumaFilter01 N  
ASF5LumaFilter02 N  
ASF5LumaFilter03 N  
ASF5LumaFilter04 N  
ASF5LumaFilter05 N  
ASF5LumaFilter06 N  
ASF5LumaFilter07 N  
ASF5LumaFilter08 N  
ASF5MaxExposureIndex N  
ASF5NrmLoThres N  
ASF5NrmShrpDegF1 N  
ASF5NrmShrpDegF2 N  
ASF5NrmSmthPrcnt N  
ASF5NrmUpThres N  
ASF5NrmizeFactor1 N  
ASF5NrmizeFactor2 N  
AWBAggressiveness N  
AWBAgwGridDist2Thresh N  
AWBAlgorithm N  
AWBAveBgRatio N  
AWBAveRgRatio N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef1 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef2 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef3 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef4 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef5 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef6 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef7 N  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef8 N  
AWBBlueGainRef1 N  
AWBBlueGainRef2 N  
AWBBlueGainRef3 N  
AWBBlueGainRef4 N  
AWBBlueGainRef5 N  
AWBBlueGainRef6 N  
AWBBlueGainRef7 N  
AWBBlueGainRef8 N  
AWBCcBias N  
AWBCompactClusterR2 N  
AWBEnable N  
AWBGreenOffsetBg N  
AWBGreenOffsetRg N  
AWBIndoorSampleInfluence N  
AWBLoVfeC1 N  
AWBLoVfeC2 N  
AWBLoVfeC3 N  
AWBLoVfeC4 N  
AWBLoVfeM1 N  
AWBLoVfeM2 N  
AWBLoVfeM3 N  
AWBLoVfeM4 N  
AWBLoVfeMaxY N  
AWBLoVfeMinY N  
AWBLowLigColCorEna N  
AWBMaxBGain N  
AWBMaxGGain N  
AWBMaxRGain N  
AWBMinBGain N  
AWBMinGGain N  
AWBMinRGain N  
AWBNormVfeC1 N  
AWBNormVfeC2 N  
AWBNormVfeC3 N  
AWBNormVfeC4 N  
AWBNormVfeM1 N  
AWBNormVfeM2 N  
AWBNormVfeM3 N  
AWBNormVfeM4 N  
AWBNormVfeMaxY N  
AWBNormVfeMinY N  
AWBOudorVfeC1 N  
AWBOudorVfeC2 N  
AWBOudorVfeC3 N  
AWBOudorVfeC4 N  
AWBOudorVfeM1 N  
AWBOudorVfeM2 N  
AWBOudorVfeM3 N  
AWBOudorVfeM4 N  
AWBOudorVfeMaxY N  
AWBOudorVfeMinY N  
AWBOutdoorSampleInfluence N  
AWBPrevWbBgain N  
AWBPrevWbGgain N  
AWBPrevWbRgain N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef1 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef2 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef3 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef4 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef5 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef6 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef7 N  
AWBRedGainAdjRef8 N  
AWBRedGainRef1 N  
AWBRedGainRef2 N  
AWBRedGainRef3 N  
AWBRedGainRef4 N  
AWBRedGainRef5 N  
AWBRedGainRef6 N  
AWBRedGainRef7 N  
AWBRedGainRef8 N  
AWBSampleDecision N  
AWBSnapshotBGain N  
AWBSnapshotRGain N  
BlckLvlEvenCols N  
BlckLvlOddCols N  
CamMclkHz N  
ChroSupChroThres1 N  
ChroSupChroThres2 N  
ChroSupLumaThres1 N  
ChroSupLumaThres2 N  
ChroSupLumaThres3 N  
ChroSupLumaThres4 N  
ChromSupress N  
ClipToAfRato N  
CurrResol N  
DayltConvChrmA_M N  
DayltConvChrmA_P N  
DayltConvChrmB_M N  
DayltConvChrmB_P N  
DayltConvChrmC_M N  
DayltConvChrmC_P N  
DayltConvChrmD_M N  
DayltConvChrmD_P N  
DayltConvChrmKCb N  
DayltConvChrmKCr N  
DayltConvLumaK N  
DayltConvLumaV0 N  
DayltConvLumaV1 N  
DayltConvLumaV2 N  
DefConvChrmA_M N  
DefConvChrmA_P N  
DefConvChrmB_M N  
DefConvChrmB_P N  
DefConvChrmC_M N  
DefConvChrmC_P N  
DefConvChrmD_M N  
DefConvChrmD_P N  
DefConvChrmKCb N  
DefConvChrmKCr N  
DefConvLumaK N  
DefConvLumaV0 N  
DefConvLumaV1 N  
DefConvLumaV2 N  
DefCorC0 N  
DefCorC1 N  
DefCorC2 N  
DefCorC3 N  
DefCorC4 N  
DefCorC5 N  
DefCorC6 N  
DefCorC7 N  
DefCorC8 N  
DefCorK0 N  
DefCorK1 N  
DefCorK2 N  
DefLumaGammaMode N  
DefRgbGammaMode N  
DefectPixCorEnable N  
DefectPixMaxThresh N  
DefectPixMinThresh N  
DiscardFrstFrm N  
FrmSkipPttrn N  
GammaEnable N  
IncandConvChrmA_M N  
IncandConvChrmA_P N  
IncandConvChrmB_M N  
IncandConvChrmB_P N  
IncandConvChrmC_M N  
IncandConvChrmC_P N  
IncandConvChrmD_M N  
IncandConvChrmD_P N  
IncandConvChrmKCb N  
IncandConvChrmKCr N  
IncandConvLumaK N  
IncandConvLumaV0 N  
IncandConvLumaV1 N  
IncandConvLumaV2 N  
LADetect N  
LAEnable N  
MaxPrviewFps N  
MaxVideoFps N  
NghtshtFps N  
NightshotMode N  
OutlierDistance N  
PclkInvert N  
PrviewFps N  
PrviewResol N  
R2ABlueCtbl00 N  
R2ABlueCtbl10 N  
R2ABlueCtbl11 N  
R2ABlueCtbl12 N  
R2ABlueCtbl13 N  
R2ABlueCtbl14 N  
R2ABlueCtbl15 N  
R2ABlueCtbl16 N  
R2ABlueCtbl17 N  
R2ABlueCtbl18 N  
R2ABlueCtbl19 N  
R2ABlueCtbl01 N  
R2ABlueCtbl20 N  
R2ABlueCtbl21 N  
R2ABlueCtbl22 N  
R2ABlueCtbl23 N  
R2ABlueCtbl24 N  
R2ABlueCtbl25 N  
R2ABlueCtbl26 N  
R2ABlueCtbl27 N  
R2ABlueCtbl28 N  
R2ABlueCtbl29 N  
R2ABlueCtbl02 N  
R2ABlueCtbl30 N  
R2ABlueCtbl31 N  
R2ABlueCtbl03 N  
R2ABlueCtbl04 N  
R2ABlueCtbl05 N  
R2ABlueCtbl06 N  
R2ABlueCtbl07 N  
R2ABlueCtbl08 N  
R2ABlueCtbl09 N  
R2ABlueStbl00 N  
R2ABlueStbl10 N  
R2ABlueStbl11 N  
R2ABlueStbl12 N  
R2ABlueStbl13 N  
R2ABlueStbl14 N  
R2ABlueStbl15 N  
R2ABlueStbl16 N  
R2ABlueStbl17 N  
R2ABlueStbl18 N  
R2ABlueStbl19 N  
R2ABlueStbl01 N  
R2ABlueStbl20 N  
R2ABlueStbl21 N  
R2ABlueStbl22 N  
R2ABlueStbl23 N  
R2ABlueStbl24 N  
R2ABlueStbl25 N  
R2ABlueStbl26 N  
R2ABlueStbl27 N  
R2ABlueStbl28 N  
R2ABlueStbl29 N  
R2ABlueStbl02 N  
R2ABlueStbl30 N  
R2ABlueStbl31 N  
R2ABlueStbl03 N  
R2ABlueStbl04 N  
R2ABlueStbl05 N  
R2ABlueStbl06 N  
R2ABlueStbl07 N  
R2ABlueStbl08 N  
R2ABlueStbl09 N  
R2ACx N  
R2ACy N  
R2AGreenCtbl00 N  
R2AGreenCtbl10 N  
R2AGreenCtbl11 N  
R2AGreenCtbl12 N  
R2AGreenCtbl13 N  
R2AGreenCtbl14 N  
R2AGreenCtbl15 N  
R2AGreenCtbl16 N  
R2AGreenCtbl17 N  
R2AGreenCtbl18 N  
R2AGreenCtbl19 N  
R2AGreenCtbl01 N  
R2AGreenCtbl20 N  
R2AGreenCtbl21 N  
R2AGreenCtbl22 N  
R2AGreenCtbl23 N  
R2AGreenCtbl24 N  
R2AGreenCtbl25 N  
R2AGreenCtbl26 N  
R2AGreenCtbl27 N  
R2AGreenCtbl28 N  
R2AGreenCtbl29 N  
R2AGreenCtbl02 N  
R2AGreenCtbl30 N  
R2AGreenCtbl31 N  
R2AGreenCtbl03 N  
R2AGreenCtbl04 N  
R2AGreenCtbl05 N  
R2AGreenCtbl06 N  
R2AGreenCtbl07 N  
R2AGreenCtbl08 N  
R2AGreenCtbl09 N  
R2AGreenStbl00 N  
R2AGreenStbl10 N  
R2AGreenStbl11 N  
R2AGreenStbl12 N  
R2AGreenStbl13 N  
R2AGreenStbl14 N  
R2AGreenStbl15 N  
R2AGreenStbl16 N  
R2AGreenStbl17 N  
R2AGreenStbl18 N  
R2AGreenStbl19 N  
R2AGreenStbl01 N  
R2AGreenStbl20 N  
R2AGreenStbl21 N  
R2AGreenStbl22 N  
R2AGreenStbl23 N  
R2AGreenStbl24 N  
R2AGreenStbl25 N  
R2AGreenStbl26 N  
R2AGreenStbl27 N  
R2AGreenStbl28 N  
R2AGreenStbl29 N  
R2AGreenStbl02 N  
R2AGreenStbl30 N  
R2AGreenStbl31 N  
R2AGreenStbl03 N  
R2AGreenStbl04 N  
R2AGreenStbl05 N  
R2AGreenStbl06 N  
R2AGreenStbl07 N  
R2AGreenStbl08 N  
R2AGreenStbl09 N  
R2AHeight N  
R2AIntervals N  
R2ARedCtbl00 N  
R2ARedCtbl10 N  
R2ARedCtbl11 N  
R2ARedCtbl12 N  
R2ARedCtbl13 N  
R2ARedCtbl14 N  
R2ARedCtbl15 N  
R2ARedCtbl16 N  
R2ARedCtbl17 N  
R2ARedCtbl18 N  
R2ARedCtbl19 N  
R2ARedCtbl01 N  
R2ARedCtbl20 N  
R2ARedCtbl21 N  
R2ARedCtbl22 N  
R2ARedCtbl23 N  
R2ARedCtbl24 N  
R2ARedCtbl25 N  
R2ARedCtbl26 N  
R2ARedCtbl27 N  
R2ARedCtbl28 N  
R2ARedCtbl29 N  
R2ARedCtbl02 N  
R2ARedCtbl30 N  
R2ARedCtbl31 N  
R2ARedCtbl03 N  
R2ARedCtbl04 N  
R2ARedCtbl05 N  
R2ARedCtbl06 N  
R2ARedCtbl07 N  
R2ARedCtbl08 N  
R2ARedCtbl09 N  
R2ARedStbl00 N  
R2ARedStbl10 N  
R2ARedStbl11 N  
R2ARedStbl12 N  
R2ARedStbl13 N  
R2ARedStbl14 N  
R2ARedStbl15 N  
R2ARedStbl16 N  
R2ARedStbl17 N  
R2ARedStbl18 N  
R2ARedStbl19 N  
R2ARedStbl01 N  
R2ARedStbl20 N  
R2ARedStbl21 N  
R2ARedStbl22 N  
R2ARedStbl23 N  
R2ARedStbl24 N  
R2ARedStbl25 N  
R2ARedStbl26 N  
R2ARedStbl27 N  
R2ARedStbl28 N  
R2ARedStbl29 N  
R2ARedStbl02 N  
R2ARedStbl30 N  
R2ARedStbl31 N  
R2ARedStbl03 N  
R2ARedStbl04 N  
R2ARedStbl05 N  
R2ARedStbl06 N  
R2ARedStbl07 N  
R2ARedStbl08 N  
R2ARedStbl09 N  
R2ATbl00 N  
R2ATbl10 N  
R2ATbl11 N  
R2ATbl12 N  
R2ATbl13 N  
R2ATbl14 N  
R2ATbl15 N  
R2ATbl16 N  
R2ATbl17 N  
R2ATbl18 N  
R2ATbl19 N  
R2ATbl01 N  
R2ATbl20 N  
R2ATbl21 N  
R2ATbl22 N  
R2ATbl23 N  
R2ATbl24 N  
R2ATbl25 N  
R2ATbl26 N  
R2ATbl27 N  
R2ATbl28 N  
R2ATbl29 N  
R2ATbl02 N  
R2ATbl30 N  
R2ATbl31 N  
R2ATbl03 N  
R2ATbl04 N  
R2ATbl05 N  
R2ATbl06 N  
R2ATbl07 N  
R2ATbl08 N  
R2ATbl09 N  
R2AWidth N  
R2D65BlueCtbl00 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl10 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl11 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl12 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl13 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl14 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl15 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl16 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl17 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl18 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl19 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl01 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl20 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl21 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl22 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl23 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl24 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl25 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl26 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl27 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl28 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl29 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl02 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl30 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl31 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl03 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl04 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl05 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl06 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl07 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl08 N  
R2D65BlueCtbl09 N  
R2D65BlueStbl00 N  
R2D65BlueStbl10 N  
R2D65BlueStbl11 N  
R2D65BlueStbl12 N  
R2D65BlueStbl13 N  
R2D65BlueStbl14 N  
R2D65BlueStbl15 N  
R2D65BlueStbl16 N  
R2D65BlueStbl17 N  
R2D65BlueStbl18 N  
R2D65BlueStbl19 N  
R2D65BlueStbl01 N  
R2D65BlueStbl20 N  
R2D65BlueStbl21 N  
R2D65BlueStbl22 N  
R2D65BlueStbl23 N  
R2D65BlueStbl24 N  
R2D65BlueStbl25 N  
R2D65BlueStbl26 N  
R2D65BlueStbl27 N  
R2D65BlueStbl28 N  
R2D65BlueStbl29 N  
R2D65BlueStbl02 N  
R2D65BlueStbl30 N  
R2D65BlueStbl31 N  
R2D65BlueStbl03 N  
R2D65BlueStbl04 N  
R2D65BlueStbl05 N  
R2D65BlueStbl06 N  
R2D65BlueStbl07 N  
R2D65BlueStbl08 N  
R2D65BlueStbl09 N  
R2D65Cx N  
R2D65Cy N  
R2D65GreenCtbl00 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl10 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl11 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl12 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl13 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl14 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl15 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl16 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl17 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl18 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl19 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl01 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl20 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl21 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl22 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl23 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl24 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl25 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl26 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl27 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl28 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl29 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl02 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl30 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl31 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl03 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl04 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl05 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl06 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl07 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl08 N  
R2D65GreenCtbl09 N  
R2D65GreenStbl00 N  
R2D65GreenStbl10 N  
R2D65GreenStbl11 N  
R2D65GreenStbl12 N  
R2D65GreenStbl13 N  
R2D65GreenStbl14 N  
R2D65GreenStbl15 N  
R2D65GreenStbl16 N  
R2D65GreenStbl17 N  
R2D65GreenStbl18 N  
R2D65GreenStbl19 N  
R2D65GreenStbl01 N  
R2D65GreenStbl20 N  
R2D65GreenStbl21 N  
R2D65GreenStbl22 N  
R2D65GreenStbl23 N  
R2D65GreenStbl24 N  
R2D65GreenStbl25 N  
R2D65GreenStbl26 N  
R2D65GreenStbl27 N  
R2D65GreenStbl28 N  
R2D65GreenStbl29 N  
R2D65GreenStbl02 N  
R2D65GreenStbl30 N  
R2D65GreenStbl31 N  
R2D65GreenStbl03 N  
R2D65GreenStbl04 N  
R2D65GreenStbl05 N  
R2D65GreenStbl06 N  
R2D65GreenStbl07 N  
R2D65GreenStbl08 N  
R2D65GreenStbl09 N  
R2D65Height N  
R2D65Intervals N  
R2D65RedCtbl00 N  
R2D65RedCtbl10 N  
R2D65RedCtbl11 N  
R2D65RedCtbl12 N  
R2D65RedCtbl13 N  
R2D65RedCtbl14 N  
R2D65RedCtbl15 N  
R2D65RedCtbl16 N  
R2D65RedCtbl17 N  
R2D65RedCtbl18 N  
R2D65RedCtbl19 N  
R2D65RedCtbl01 N  
R2D65RedCtbl20 N  
R2D65RedCtbl21 N  
R2D65RedCtbl22 N  
R2D65RedCtbl23 N  
R2D65RedCtbl24 N  
R2D65RedCtbl25 N  
R2D65RedCtbl26 N  
R2D65RedCtbl27 N  
R2D65RedCtbl28 N  
R2D65RedCtbl29 N  
R2D65RedCtbl02 N  
R2D65RedCtbl30 N  
R2D65RedCtbl31 N  
R2D65RedCtbl03 N  
R2D65RedCtbl04 N  
R2D65RedCtbl05 N  
R2D65RedCtbl06 N  
R2D65RedCtbl07 N  
R2D65RedCtbl08 N  
R2D65RedCtbl09 N  
R2D65RedStbl00 N  
R2D65RedStbl10 N  
R2D65RedStbl11 N  
R2D65RedStbl12 N  
R2D65RedStbl13 N  
R2D65RedStbl14 N  
R2D65RedStbl15 N  
R2D65RedStbl16 N  
R2D65RedStbl17 N  
R2D65RedStbl18 N  
R2D65RedStbl19 N  
R2D65RedStbl01 N  
R2D65RedStbl20 N  
R2D65RedStbl21 N  
R2D65RedStbl22 N  
R2D65RedStbl23 N  
R2D65RedStbl24 N  
R2D65RedStbl25 N  
R2D65RedStbl26 N  
R2D65RedStbl27 N  
R2D65RedStbl28 N  
R2D65RedStbl29 N  
R2D65RedStbl02 N  
R2D65RedStbl30 N  
R2D65RedStbl31 N  
R2D65RedStbl03 N  
R2D65RedStbl04 N  
R2D65RedStbl05 N  
R2D65RedStbl06 N  
R2D65RedStbl07 N  
R2D65RedStbl08 N  
R2D65RedStbl09 N  
R2D65Tbl00 N  
R2D65Tbl10 N  
R2D65Tbl11 N  
R2D65Tbl12 N  
R2D65Tbl13 N  
R2D65Tbl14 N  
R2D65Tbl15 N  
R2D65Tbl16 N  
R2D65Tbl17 N  
R2D65Tbl18 N  
R2D65Tbl19 N  
R2D65Tbl01 N  
R2D65Tbl20 N  
R2D65Tbl21 N  
R2D65Tbl22 N  
R2D65Tbl23 N  
R2D65Tbl24 N  
R2D65Tbl25 N  
R2D65Tbl26 N  
R2D65Tbl27 N  
R2D65Tbl28 N  
R2D65Tbl29 N  
R2D65Tbl02 N  
R2D65Tbl30 N  
R2D65Tbl31 N  
R2D65Tbl03 N  
R2D65Tbl04 N  
R2D65Tbl05 N  
R2D65Tbl06 N  
R2D65Tbl07 N  
R2D65Tbl08 N  
R2D65Tbl09 N  
R2D65Width N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl00 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl10 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl11 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl12 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl13 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl14 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl15 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl16 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl17 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl18 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl19 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl01 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl20 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl21 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl22 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl23 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl24 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl25 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl26 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl27 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl28 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl29 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl02 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl30 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl31 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl03 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl04 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl05 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl06 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl07 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl08 N  
R2TL84BlueCtbl09 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl00 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl10 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl11 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl12 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl13 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl14 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl15 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl16 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl17 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl18 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl19 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl01 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl20 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl21 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl22 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl23 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl24 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl25 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl26 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl27 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl28 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl29 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl02 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl30 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl31 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl03 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl04 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl05 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl06 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl07 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl08 N  
R2TL84BlueStbl09 N  
R2TL84Cx N  
R2TL84Cy N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl00 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl10 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl11 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl12 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl13 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl14 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl15 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl16 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl17 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl18 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl19 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl01 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl20 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl21 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl22 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl23 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl24 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl25 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl26 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl27 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl28 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl29 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl02 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl30 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl31 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl03 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl04 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl05 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl06 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl07 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl08 N  
R2TL84GreenCtbl09 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl00 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl10 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl11 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl12 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl13 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl14 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl15 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl16 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl17 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl18 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl19 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl01 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl20 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl21 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl22 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl23 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl24 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl25 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl26 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl27 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl28 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl29 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl02 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl30 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl31 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl03 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl04 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl05 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl06 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl07 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl08 N  
R2TL84GreenStbl09 N  
R2TL84Height N  
R2TL84Intervals N  
R2TL84RedCtbl00 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl10 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl11 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl12 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl13 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl14 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl15 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl16 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl17 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl18 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl19 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl01 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl20 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl21 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl22 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl23 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl24 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl25 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl26 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl27 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl28 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl29 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl02 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl30 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl31 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl03 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl04 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl05 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl06 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl07 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl08 N  
R2TL84RedCtbl09 N  
R2TL84RedStbl00 N  
R2TL84RedStbl10 N  
R2TL84RedStbl11 N  
R2TL84RedStbl12 N  
R2TL84RedStbl13 N  
R2TL84RedStbl14 N  
R2TL84RedStbl15 N  
R2TL84RedStbl16 N  
R2TL84RedStbl17 N  
R2TL84RedStbl18 N  
R2TL84RedStbl19 N  
R2TL84RedStbl01 N  
R2TL84RedStbl20 N  
R2TL84RedStbl21 N  
R2TL84RedStbl22 N  
R2TL84RedStbl23 N  
R2TL84RedStbl24 N  
R2TL84RedStbl25 N  
R2TL84RedStbl26 N  
R2TL84RedStbl27 N  
R2TL84RedStbl28 N  
R2TL84RedStbl29 N  
R2TL84RedStbl02 N  
R2TL84RedStbl30 N  
R2TL84RedStbl31 N  
R2TL84RedStbl03 N  
R2TL84RedStbl04 N  
R2TL84RedStbl05 N  
R2TL84RedStbl06 N  
R2TL84RedStbl07 N  
R2TL84RedStbl08 N  
R2TL84RedStbl09 N  
R2TL84Tbl00 N  
R2TL84Tbl10 N  
R2TL84Tbl11 N  
R2TL84Tbl12 N  
R2TL84Tbl13 N  
R2TL84Tbl14 N  
R2TL84Tbl15 N  
R2TL84Tbl16 N  
R2TL84Tbl17 N  
R2TL84Tbl18 N  
R2TL84Tbl19 N  
R2TL84Tbl01 N  
R2TL84Tbl20 N  
R2TL84Tbl21 N  
R2TL84Tbl22 N  
R2TL84Tbl23 N  
R2TL84Tbl24 N  
R2TL84Tbl25 N  
R2TL84Tbl26 N  
R2TL84Tbl27 N  
R2TL84Tbl28 N  
R2TL84Tbl29 N  
R2TL84Tbl02 N  
R2TL84Tbl30 N  
R2TL84Tbl31 N  
R2TL84Tbl03 N  
R2TL84Tbl04 N  
R2TL84Tbl05 N  
R2TL84Tbl06 N  
R2TL84Tbl07 N  
R2TL84Tbl08 N  
R2TL84Tbl09 N  
R2TL84Width N  
RolloffEnable N  
SensorFmt N  
SensorType N  
SensrFulHght N  
SensrFulWdth N  
SensrQtrHght N  
SensrQtrWdth N  
SnapshotResol N  
TL84ConvChrmA_M N  
TL84ConvChrmA_P N  
TL84ConvChrmB_M N  
TL84ConvChrmB_P N  
TL84ConvChrmC_M N  
TL84ConvChrmC_P N  
TL84ConvChrmD_M N  
TL84ConvChrmD_P N  
TL84ConvChrmKCb N  
TL84ConvChrmKCr N  
TL84ConvLumaK N  
TL84ConvLumaV0 N  
TL84ConvLumaV1 N  
TL84ConvLumaV2 N  
VideoFps N  
YhiYloConvChrmA_M N  
YhiYloConvChrmA_P N  
YhiYloConvChrmB_M N  
YhiYloConvChrmB_P N  
YhiYloConvChrmC_M N  
YhiYloConvChrmC_P N  
YhiYloConvChrmD_M N  
YhiYloConvChrmD_P N  
YhiYloConvChrmKCb N  
YhiYloConvChrmKCr N  
YhiYloConvLumaK N  
YhiYloConvLumaV0 N  
YhiYloConvLumaV1 N  
YhiYloConvLumaV2 N  
YhiYloCorC0 N  
YhiYloCorC1 N  
YhiYloCorC2 N  
YhiYloCorC3 N  
YhiYloCorC4 N  
YhiYloCorC5 N  
YhiYloCorC6 N  
YhiYloCorC7 N  
YhiYloCorC8 N  
YhiYloCorK0 N  
YhiYloCorK1 N  
YhiYloCorK2 N  

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